Close Down the Karachi Zoo

Did you know that out of tragic necessity, India’s Mumbai Zoo is rapidly transforming into a taxidermy museum. Since they are unable to replace animals that die in their cramped and filthy cages, zoo officials have concluded that it would be better to stuff ‘expired’ animals and subsequently put them on display. Hence, the zoo’s […]

Roving Vets of Mexico

By Emiliano Rodríguez Mega/ Photographs by Victor J. Blue Pedro Parra stood by his horse’s side as the animal dropped to the ground under the weight of anesthesia. Its four hooves flailed for a moment, then ceased, and a team of volunteer veterinarians rushed in. One placed a pillow under the patient’s neck; another tied a rope […]

Was Ending Your Pet’s Life the Right Decision?

By Karen Fine, a veterinarian and the author of “The Other Family Doctor: A Veterinarian Explores What Animals Can Teach Us About Love, Life, and Mortality.” Marula was an orange kitty, a purr machine with multiple birth defects, so he was the perfect cat to be a veterinarian’s companion. He purred against my belly when I […]

Slaughtering Bears in Alaska

By Jon Waterman Mr. Waterman is a former ranger at Denali National Park and Preserve and the author of National Geographic’s “Atlas of the National Parks” and the forthcoming “Atlas of Wild America.” I recently had the good fortune to spot grizzly bears on back-to-back days near the road that runs through the center of Alaska’s […]

Argentina’s Javier Milei & His 5 Cloned Dogs

By Jack Nicas/ Oct. 19, 2023 After finishing a surprising first in Argentina’s presidential primaries in August 2023, Javier Milei grabbed a microphone in front of a raucous crowd and thanked Conan, Murray, Milton, Robert and Lucas. “Who else?” he said. “My four-legged children.” Mr. Milei, a far-right libertarian who is the favorite in Argentina’s presidential election on Sunday, would […]

Hotels Roll Out the Red Carpet for Pets

By Stephanie Rosenbloom/ May 15, 2023 If you wouldn’t dream of going on vacation without your pet, you’re in luck. Hotels and resorts are increasingly catering to them with new packages and amenities (or “pet-menities,” as Virgin Hotels puts it), be it an in-room dining menu for dogs with a “beef woofslider” at Andaz Mexico City Condesa, […]

Respecting Animals is a Moral Imperative

By Nicholas Kristof In 1971, a half-dozen graduate students at Oxford University held what was perhaps the first protest of the modern animal rights movement. They insisted that respecting animals was a moral imperative. And the world changed. No, not right away. But one of those students, a young Australian philosopher named Peter Singer, turned his […]

Any Dog Can Bite

By Alexandra Horowitz, a cognitive scientist who studies dogs. Any dog can bite. It is the special misfortune of dogs living in the most famous house in the United States to have their bites widely publicized, amplified and scrutinized. And so when Commander, the German shepherd who lives with President and Jill Biden, began biting, his […]

Dog Parks in America

By Julie V. Iovine/ Author is a journalist and dog trainer in training and is on the board of the Animals & Society Institute. For urban dog owners with a live-wire canine bouncing off the apartment walls, an enclosed dog park can feel like an oasis, offering off-the-leash exercise, an outlet for excess energy, a social […]