No Food for the Animals at the Lahore Zoo

The food suppliers of the Lahore Zoo have said they will suspend food supply if the Punjab Wildlife & Parks Department does not pay their bills.

“We are not paid for months,” they said. The department is facing difficulties in getting the bills approved for purchasing of ration for animals and birds. It is the responsibility of the director general to approve the payments.

Lahore Zoo has to pay Rs 15 million dues and funds are available in the zoo’s account but a check cannot be issued without the director general’s signatures.

A supplier said: “We ensure the provision of ration at the Lahore Zoo no matter if it’s raining or there is a storm, but despite that, we haven’t been paid for four months. We tried many times to suspend the supply but then we don’t want animals to starve. We have to pay to our employees. Therefore, we will stop supplying ration to the Lahore Zoo if the administration fails to pay our bills.

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