KP Wildlife Department Says Hyenas Did Not Attack Children in Mardan

The Wildlife Department of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has shown disagreement with report about hyena’s attack on children in Madey Baba village near Takker in Mardan district.

A couple of days earlier a dog-like animal attacked few children in Madey Baba village, injuring few of them. The animal quickly escaped when local people rushed to the site after listening shouts of terrified children.

In a press statement issued in a response to the claim of locals that few children were attacked by hyena in the area, the Wildlife Department argued that hyena was a nocturnal animal that comes out of den at night while the children were attacked at around 10:00 in morning.

Hyena is mostly visible in Lakki Marwat and D.I.Khan districts of KP and according to record, the animal has never been seen in Mardan district during the last 20 years, the statement reads.

Even in Lakki Marwat and D.I.Khan districts, no such reports of Hyena attack on human was reported, the Wildlife Department said.

The statement further said the department did not directly reject reports of locals about presence of hyena in the area as in view of changing climate and habitats of animals due to increasing population, migration of animal to the area could not be totally rejected.

The staff member of the Wildlife Department are vigilant and monitoring the situation besides remaining in contact with locals who are also educated about precautionary and safety measures to prevent any attack by animal in future, the statement concludes.

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