Jumbo the Lion Dies in the Lahore Zoo

Jumbo Lahore ZooAn African lion born in Lahore Zoo in 1998 has died. The Lahore Zoo was established in 1872 and holds the distinction of being one of the largest zoos in South Asia.

The lion called ‘Jumbo’ died at the age of 16, spending all his time in captivity.

A few days prior to his death, Jumbo became sick and the zoo administration shifted him to the Veterinary Hospital. Despite being treated, Jumbo passed away. Doctors attributed the cause of the death to a liver disease.

Following Jumbo’s death, the zoo is now left with seven lions, two females and five males.

The Zoo Deputy Director Muhammad Mudassar said that three weeks ago, the lion’s condition deteriorated. He was put on drip and its blood work was fine. The lion, Mr Mudassar said, was given treatment as suggested by different vets from the University of Veterinary Sciences and the VRI.

The lion gave up taking food three days ago. It was again put on treatment but it stopped breathing.

Jumbo was born to mother Rani and father Leo in 1998 at the Lahore Zoo. The 90s breed of lions in the zoo was conceived by Jumbo. The necropsy of the body would be held at the UVAS and its skin and head would be handed over to some taxidermist. The zoo plans to keep the stuffed lion in its museum.

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