Humans Are Violent Towards Animals Due To The Human Ego & Human Anger

360_tout[1]Criminalizing humans for acts of animal cruelty may not be the ideal solution.

It is more a question of taking a stand against the intellectual dishonesty many people have about human violence towards animals. Humans brag that they are the superior species on Earth; the truth is that Homo Sapiens are the most violent species on Earth.

We should in fact apologize to all the animals throughout history that have suffered at the hands of Homo Sapiens. This is sheer human madness of killing animals for food; the horrific manner in which Homo Sapiens skin animals alive for sexy fur coats; the barbaric manner in which animal testing methods are carried out; the way the savage industry of animal entertainment is carried on; and the manner in which dogs are beaten and hung in trees to increase the sexual aphrodisiac content of the meat.

Some people justify their crimes of animal cruelty as a God-given right of superiority to abuse and exploit animals. Other people have anger disorders and avenge their anger by abusing animals.

Many humans deny that animals experience pain and suffering.

Many people turn a blind eye toward a stray animal crying out in pain.

Clip_27Others play dumb about human cruelty. Overall, Homo Sapiens pretend that animals do not suffer because of selfish human interests.

The 6th Commandment states: Thou Shalt Not Kill.

But humans violate this commandment each time they eat a hamburger, take a medical pill or wear leather shoes.

The truth is: We are Pro-Life Killers.

Humans want to Dominate the Earth with their power and control in their hands.

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