Haripur Village Kills a Leopard

A leopard was killed by locals in Haripur’s remote village of Kiyan in June 2022. The wild animal somehow strayed into the low-lying settled area, possibly in search of food before it was gunned down by villagers.

The locals claimed that the big cat, which had intruded into the village to escape a fire that broke out earlier in Islamabad-Khanpur forests, attacked and killed several animals in the village.

The leopard killed several goats, claimed the villagers.

The locals had seen the cat at night in the last two to three days.

Meanwhile, the wildlife department’s flora and fauna protection policy has failed in the area as rare wild leopards become prey of locals every year. The Wildlife Department has remained failed in protecting the wildlife. A leopard was also killed by locals in the village’s vicinity last winter.

According to a conservative estimate, leopards are killed by locals in various regions of Hazara to save their lives or protect them from harm. During freezing weather, they penetrate local populations in quest of food.

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