Grey Langur Escapes Sukkur Rehabilitation Center

grey langur that escaped from the rehabilitation centre in sukkur jumps tree to tree to avoid recapture photo express

Grey langur that escaped from the rehabilitation centre in Sukkur jumps tree to tree to avoid recapture.

The Northern Gray Langur, also known as the Hanuman langur, escaped a rehabilitation centre in Sukkur late in Feb 2024.

The Sindh Wildlife Department (SWD) rescue workers were actively engaged in attempts to catch the animal, which was freely moving around the facility and adjacent trees.

The vicinity of the langur’s roaming was reported to be close to human settlements. This particular primate, initially discovered in isolation near a security checkpoint on January 26 in Sardar Garh, district Ghotki, was rescued and transported to the Wildlife Complex in Sukkur. Officials noted that the animal, showing signs of starvation and minor injuries, was intended to be relocated. The plan was to shift it to its habitat in Tharparkar.

The SWD provincial head, Javed Ahmed Mahar, highlighted that they “see langurs in good population near Indian borders,” and emphasized the generally human-friendly nature of the grey langur. In an appeal to the public, Mahar stated, “It will not harm anyone, and in case it reaches a human population, the public is requested not to hurt it.”

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