Foreigners Have to Come to Pakistan to Even Operate on our Animals

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The Four Paws veterinarians, in collaboration with the Islamabad Wildlife Management Board (IWMB), conducted veterinary checks on eight Asiatic bears which were rescued from various parts of the Punjab in April 2024.

The treatment included castration of male bears, dental treatment, dressing of wounds, and removal of infected teeth for all three bears. The question is why can’t any vet doctors operate on these animals in this nation of 240 million strong.

These bears are currently housed in the old zoo site in Islamabad. With this final round of treatment, all eight Asiatic bears (six males and two females) have completed their treatment and surgical procedures.

The Four Paws team members, including Dr Frank Goeritz, Dr Amir Khalil, Dr Marina Ivanova, Velizar Angelov, Ahmad Badal, and Pia Einheimler, along with Dr Usman, Sakhawat, Sana Raja, and Aneela, have been on-site for three days, providing essential medical, clinical, and surgical care to these animals recently confiscated from various cities in Punjab.

The Four Paws team assured the group’s assistance in constructing a sanctuary for bears and providing expertise in this regard.

Several cases of maltreatment of Asiatic bears have been reported in Pakistan, where they are subjected to torture, made to dance, and forced into fights for monetary gain by their captors.

The animals were rescued from different cities in Punjab based on the special instructions and interest of Marriyum Aurangzeb, senior minister of the Punjab. Many of them had wounds, pulled-out nails, and broken teeth.

There are still three or four bears rescued by the Punjab Wildlife Department from Sargodha and Bahawalnagar, ready to be housed and treated in Islamabad once transferred.

The Four Paws mentioned that the group performed various medical procedures, including ultrasound, vaccinations, anti-parasite treatments, micro-chipping, claw trimming, and teeth treatment. One female bear named Barfi underwent a life-saving dental procedure, and a male bear named Bhaloo had a wound on his neck treated and three teeth surgically removed due to inflammation and abscess. Another male bear, Cuckoo, received dental treatment for five teeth due to issues from illegal captivity as a dancing bear. Aneela the female bear who received treatment from Four Paws was confiscated by the Gujranwala Wildlife Department and kept in Islamabad for rehabilitation. Aneela was treated by expert veterinarians from Four Paws. She underwent a comprehensive medical examination, during which the team removed a nose pin and treated broken teeth and injuries inflicted by poachers. Additionally, other injuries were identified and successfully treated.

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