Environmental Degradation in Sindh

Clip_56On April 14, 2014, the Sindh Parliamentary Secretary for Wildlife Nasir Hussain Shah, told the Sindh Assembly that the Indus River Delta was in a state of deterioration.Riverine forests of the province are depleting because of a decrease in freshwater from the Indus River Delta and kacha areas.

Shah said the riverine forests required 600,000 cusecs water for growth, while the Indus River Delta required 10 million cusecs of sweet water, which was not available to the province.

He said that recently a decision had been made that 5,000 cusecs water would compulsorily be released downstream Kotri Barrage for irrigation needs and for the survival of the freshwater marine life in the affected areas.

The Chashma-Jhelum and Taunsa-Panjnad link canals are being exploited in the upcountry areas in an unjust and capricious manner to deprive Sindh of its lawful water needs, he added.



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