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Close Down the Karachi Zoo

Did you know that out of tragic necessity, India’s Mumbai Zoo is rapidly transforming into a taxidermy museum. Since they are unable to replace animals that die in their cramped and filthy cages, zoo officials have concluded that it would be better to stuff ‘expired’ animals and subsequently put them on display. Hence, the zoo’s […]

Karachi Zoo’s Elephants: Madhubala & Noor Jehan

The continuing ailments of elephant Madhubala at the Karachi Zoo from several infections saddens all friends of animals in Pakistan. Noor Jehan has endured harsh conditions and inadequate care during her 16-year captivity, making her stay at the Zoo all the more tragic. It serves as a stark reminder of the devastating consequences of neglecting […]

Elephant Noor Jehan Dies at Karachi Zoo

17-year-old elephant Noor Jehan at Karachi Zoo passed away on April 22, 2023. Her death followed an unfortunate incident on April 13 that left her unable to leave the pool in her enclosure for hours. After the local team was able to pull her out under the remote supervision of Four Paws, Noor Jehan was […]

African Lion Dies of ‘Natural Causes’ in Karachi Zoo

An aged rare African lion of Karachi was found dead inside his cage at the Karachi Zoological Gardens. The Zoo administration claimed that the big cat died a “natural’ death in Oct 2022. The autopsy report said that the teeth showed the age of the animal was between 18 to 20 years. The Zoo administration […]

Animals in Miserable Condition in Pakistani Zoos

The death of a rare breed giraffe at the Lahore Zoo in Feb 2022 has once again highlighted the problems of short-staffing, distressed animals, inadequate facilities – leading to questions like whether it is time to abandon zoos altogether. The autopsy report revealed that the giraffe, which was a resident of the Lahore zoo since […]

Lion Dies at Karachi Zoo

A rare white lion died in Karachi Zoo on Nov 24, 2021 after its lungs stopped working due to pneumonia, a spokesperson for the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) claimed. He said that the big cat was ill for the last 13 days and suffering from Pulmonary TB which was being treated by veterinarians but “he […]

Plans to Give Karachi Zoo Family Park Status

Mayor says authorities have taken advantage of closure to carry out uplift work at zoo In July 2020, city mayor Wasim Akhtar had announced that the Karachi Zoo will soon be granted the status of a family park; he had said that the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) had already passed a resolution for the purpose. […]

The Karachi Zoo Keepers

Kannu Piraditta lovingly scratches the back of Raja – the lion – through the metal bars of his cage at the Karachi Zoo. The king of the jungle playfully rubs his back against the bars, before bowing his head to let Piraditta scratch behind the ears. “I look after the most ferocious animals at zoo,” […]

Birth Spree at the Karachi Zoo

The Karachi Zoo has reported a single birth in fallow deer, four in white fallow deer, three in black bucks, two in nilgai, one in rhesus monkeys, one in spotted deer, three in blue peacocks, 10 in crocodiles and three in tortoises. “We have got births in spur-thighed tortoises, an endangered African species living here […]