Category: Bear Rights in Pakistan

A Wild Bear Spotted in Chitta Batta Bugermung

A wildbear has been spotted in Chitta Batta Bugermung in Mansehra District in KP Province in late Dec 2018. The bear probably has come down in the populated areas due to cold weather in the mountains and in search of food. It is important that he should be rescued as quickly as possible before the […]

Another Bear Death in the Islamabad Zoo

In July 2018, a bear at Marghazar Zoo has also died, adding to the increasing number of animals dying in the Islamabad and other zoos of Pakistan. The bear was being kept alone and in a small enclosure, with zoo officials saying he may have died due to neglect and living in a confined space. […]

Do We Need Zoos in Pakistan?

by Faisal Bari SUZI, the lone elephant in the Lahore Zoo died recently. She lived for only 30-odd years. Even if they have lived in captivity, elephants are expected to have a lifespan of about 50 years. Suzi died early. For the last two and a half decades, Suzi was the star attraction at the […]

Hunting of Grizzly Bears in British Columbia

The killing of Cecil the lion drew international outrage and raised awareness about the problems with trophy hunting. Now attention is being focused on British Columbia’s controversial grizzly bear hunt after a graphic video of trophy hunters killing one has gone viral. The video, first posted by hunters presumably thinking it’s amusing, is graphic and disturbing to anyone with […]

Bear Baiting Continues in Sindh; Ghotki Event Intercepted

On January 5, 2015, at around midday, the Sindh Wildlife Department intercepted a bear baiting event involving seven bears near the Noor Pir Shrine in Taluka Dharki in District Ghotki. Three bears were rescued while four were taken away by the culprits. Unfortunately, all the organizers escaped from the scene. The bears were later moved […]

Bear Baiting Aborted in the Punjab

On the morning of May 7, 2014, at around 3 am, a large-scale bear-baiting event was planned in Pind Dadan Khan, District Jhelum by powerful landlords, Faisal, Sarfraz, and Ataa Bhatti.  The event had all the hallmarks of an illegal activity:  surreptitiously-planned, organized well in advance and held in a secret location with most of […]

A New Life For Zorro

WSPA (World Society for the Protection of Animals) and BRC (Bioresource Research Centre) estimate that around 40-45 bears remain in captivity for use in the brutal blood sport of bear baiting. In March 2014, one more of these long-suffering animals was surrendered to our partners in Pakistan, the (BRC). The male bear was handed over […]