Beating of Dogs & Boiling of Cats in Asia For Sexual Aphrodisiacs

The Human Ego & Sex

Clip_97Some Homo Sapiens place a higher value on selfish pleasures rather than show concern for the pain and suffering of others. For example, some Asian cultures beat dogs to death or boil cats alive to maximize the aphrodisiac chemicals in the meat.

These people then eat the dogs and cats for sexual satisfaction.

Two million South Korean dogs are electrocuted, strangled or bludgeoned to death each year. They are then boiled, skinned, browned by a torch, chopped up and eaten.

Overall, these humans value sex and orgasms more than the well-being of animals. This Homo Sapien obsession with copulation and the compulsion for aphrodisiacs causes horrific fear, pain and suffering to these sentient dogs and cats.

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