Ban Camel Rides

Animal rights NGOs have called for a ban on the use of camels for rides on Mall Road after footage obtained by Express News  showed a camel used in the Deachi Express service being kept in a dirty environment and not being provided with proper food.

The Deachi Express service was introduced as part of the Dilkash Lahore program in 2013 to provide entertainment for citizens.

The video reportedly shows the camel being kept in a dirty environment with garbage strewn around and appearing thin and weak. The NGOs argue that using camels, which are desert animals, in front of a buggy-like vehicle on a paved road is cruel to the animal.

The Punjab wildlife authorities have claimed that as camels are not classified as wildlife, they cannot take any action.

Meanwhile, the Anti-Cruelty to Animals Department has been urged to shut down Deachi Express, which was initiated by the then DCO in 2013.

The contract for the Deachi Express service was awarded to a private contractor who offers rides to children and families from Town Hall to Chairing Cross.

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