Badar Munir’s Documentary on Nilgai

thar is home to precious wildlife which includes nilgai antelope chinkara deer peacocks other antelopes rabbits partridges and many more but sadly all of them are now endangered species photo file

Thar is home to precious wildlife, which includes nilgai antelope, chinkara deer, peacocks, other antelopes, rabbits, partridges and many more, but sadly all of them are now endangered species.

Wildlife conservationist Badar Munir has made a documentary on the endangered nilgai found in Pakistan and India.

A promotional video for the documentary was also launched, providing viewers with a glimpse into the captivating world of this magnificent species.

Wildlife experts have expressed concerns about the declining population of the nilgai due to extensive hunting in both India and Pakistan.

The World Wildlife Fund has classified the nilgai as one of the most vulnerable species on its list of endangered wildlife.

During the promotional event held in Lahore in June 2023, Badar Munir shared with the audience insightful details about the nilgai, highlighting its significance as one of the largest wild animals within the bovine family inhabiting the forests of the subcontinent.

The species thrives along the eastern borders of India and Pakistan, as well as in the region of Rajasthan. Munir explained that nilgai are predominantly nocturnal, resting during the day and venturing out at night.

They prefer habitats near water reservoirs and dense jungles, displaying remarkable survival skills by enduring extended periods without food or water.

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