Ayub Park’s Male Tiger Survived a Snake Bite

Jungle World Theme Park & Ayub National Park presently have 15 species of animals (total No 112) and 35 species of birds (total no. 549). All the animals are living in natural habitat in captivity and breeding as per conservation of species.

As per routine according to SOP on 21st July 2022 it was rainy season. The male tiger was released for walk in enclosure from night quarter around 0930 hrs.

Tiger was good in health while walking and playing with other tigers released in next cage for routine walk. After some period, animal janitor visited the animal enclosure to close the animal for cleaning of cage. There it was noticed that the tiger Rawal is unable to move and was lumping on both hind limbs. It was crawling and lumping in pound during rain while grabbing his limb helplessly.

Unfortunately, on that date our vet officer Dr Muhammad Basit Rasheed was on leave. Veterinary Staff visited and observed the animal situation. They reported to Director Jungle World who also visited the animal physically and asked them to contact Dr. Muhammad Basit Rasheed. All the situation along with videos informed to Dr Muhammad Basit Rasheed on telephone. He provided the contact Number of Dr Muhammad Awais-ur-Rehman Sial, Lecturer Clinical Medicine and Surgery Department Faculty of Veterinary Animal Sciences Pir Mehr Ali Shah Arid Agriculture University, Rawalpindi to Veterinary Staff for Emergency Corresponding. Dr. Awais Sial visited and observed the animal situation. His opinion about animal was snake bite as paralysis was noted in both hind limbs.

Lt. Col Mohsin Khan (r) Dir JW was present on-site whom Dr Awais Sial informed about his opinion and get permission for treatment of animal by informing all except and prognosis.

Dr Awais-ur-Rehman Sial started the emergency treatment of tiger by shifting inside the cage. Treatment included the polyvalent anti-venom, atropine sulphate, and blood sample taken for laboratory test. After given the first emergency proper examination of animal was done in which clear snake bite mark observed when animal was in treatment cage on the right limb. Physically, animal was healthy no clinical sign observed but looked paralyzed from hind limb quarter, with no hope of recovery.

After getting the laboratory report confirmation, toxin inside body and damaged Renal and Liver was observed. Treatment of animal for two weeks started with the following regime with help of Dr Awais-ur-Rehman and Junior Vet Dr. Muhammad Faatik from 22 July to 1 August 2022 on regular basis.

Treatment includes 2 short of antivenom, fluid therapy 5-8 Liter per day, inj. Methycobal, inj. Multi bioventa, inj. Neurobian, inj. Jetephar, Inj. Hepamarz, inj. Neurochiline and antibiotic course for 7 days was given to animal.

On 1 August 2022 animal showed movement in his right back limb and tried to move on his right leg. Treatment was given on daily basis and improvement also observed. But left back leg was not showing the proper response. During same situation to treat the left leg acupunctured expert opinion was taken externally with guidance of Dr. Awais Sial. Acupunctured is Chinese technique to provide the stimulation of muscle and nerve to coordinate with each another. Dr. Adnan visited the animal and applied the acupunctured treatment to tiger on 2nd August 2022. In wild animal its first used in Pakistan before Pakistan this was applied in China on tiger who got paralyzed and got recovery through this treatment. After getting the first therapy 25% improvement noted in his left leg by standing with own strength.

Medically, multivitamin and neurocholine injection treatment carried out for 2 weeks. Full movement of both limbs noted on 04 August 2022.The second treatment of acupuncture given on 06 August 2022 and third treatment on 12 August 2022 to remove the lumping and unstable movement in left hind limb. 2nd last treatment session of acupunctured on his left leg along with paws and back side due to his unstable movement on 17th August 2022. With Grace of Allah Almighty, Animal is recovered 80% and back to on his fore limbs.

Expert for the treatment of exotic breed in Pakistan are less, treatment and consultation fees of exotic breed like tigers, puma and other wild animals is at very high cost. In exotic breeds survival chance is very low as compared to domestic breed. Most of animal got expired due to stress or threat to being captured in captivity.

This is great achievement under the Veterinary team heading by Dr Awais ur Rehman Sial, Dr Muhammad Adnan, Dr Muhammad Basit Rasheed and Dr Muhammad Faatik who did tremendous job for saving the life.

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