Actor Tipu Sharif’s adopted stray dogs poisoned to death in Karachi

Actor cries in a video demanding justice and a justification for the killing of his innocent dogs

Actor Syed Yorguc Tipu Sharif recently shared two deeply distressing videos on social media to announce how his adopted stray dogs had been killed in Karachi’s Clifton block 5.

In the first video, the actor cries as he holds one of these dogs, alleging that she was poisoned by the government officials involved in dog culling. “She didn’t say anything to anyone; she would only go to humans to love them. And she was killed by humans for wanting to love humans. Look at her mouth, you can tell she was poisoned to death,” he says.

“The pain she must’ve gone through, what did she do to deserve this?” asks Sharif in utter dismay. “She just came to eat and a human betrayed her. Her mouth is bubbling, so she must’ve died is extreme pain! It means her stomach must’ve burned!” continues the actor as he bursts into tears.

He then goes on to curse whoever was responsible for the heinous killing of the innocent animal.

The actor can be seen loading his dead dogs onto a bus as he goes onto express his disappointment in humanity.

After the videos went viral, actor Mansha Pasha and rapper Ali Gul Pir took to Twitter to condemn the killing of stray or pet animals in Karachi.

“Can people please stop shooting/poisoning stray animals? For God’s sake! This world wasn’t just created for you and you alone. Shelters and citizens are trying their best only to find that someone has poisoned their strays,” wrote Pasha.

She also threw shade at pet owners, who instead of taking responsibility for the strays in their area, go on to buy exotic breeds. “Meanwhile people buy and keep breeds in their own homes,” she added.

In a follow-up thread, she refers to the killing of Sharif’s adopted dogs, “Just saw Tipu Yorguc (who has adopted, fostered so many strays in Karachi) crying in his facebook live because someone has killed his strays. This needs to stop.”

Pir also tweeted in condemnation of the practice, “I have multiple friends who have pet dogs collared and puppies being shot down by #SindhGovt in Karachi. Can’t make things easy for the humans, at least stop killing innocent animals. Shameful!”

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