Anushka Sharma launches campaign against animal cruelty

Actor deeply affected by killing of Kerala elephant

Days after a pregnant elephant died of being fed a cracker-stuffed pineapple, actor Anushka Sharma has started a digital campaign titled #JusticeForAnimals demanding amendment of India’s Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act 1960 so that stricter punishment could be meted out to offenders.

“I was absolutely appalled and aghast at what happened when I read the news. I couldn’t understand how such a cruel act could have been carried out,” she said.

“It makes me really sad that humans can do this! We are supposed to be apparently the most evolved species and we are supposed to be the protectors of nature and all these voiceless beings and we are not doing that. I think we need stricter laws and accountability,” she added.

The star demanded the authorities to take notice of the growing atrocities against animals and immediately amend The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960. “Right now, you can get away after being cruel to an animal by paying INR50.

You pay and you are out! There has to be stricter laws and people have to understand the importance of this. Only then will we move towards being a civilised planet,” Sharma added.

“I really wish we have stricter laws against animal cruelty and they are exercised and executed in a way that there is fear in people. They shouldn’t be able to think that they can do something like this so easily and can get away with it by paying a small fine,” she continued.

Sharma was previously in the news when a BJP leader named Nandkishore Gurjar advised her husband, Indian cricket superstar Virat Kohli, to seek a divorce. This was because according to Gurjar, Sharma’s latest product Paatal Lok hurt Indian sentiments and rendered her anti-nationalistic.

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