The Karachi Zoo Keepers

Kannu Piraditta lovingly scratches the back of Raja – the lion – through the metal bars of his cage at the Karachi Zoo. The king of the jungle playfully rubs his back against the bars, before bowing his head to let Piraditta scratch behind the ears. “I look after the most ferocious animals at zoo,” […]

Managing Snakes at National Institute of Health

Q: What does your typical day at work look like? Maqsood: We receive snake supplies at the National Institute of Health (NIH), categorise them and make a schedule for extracting their venom, which can vary from once or twice a month for a snake. All snakes have seasonal variation, for example, you cannot extract venom when […]

Snow Leopard and Ecosystem Protection Program

Wildlife experts have expressed concern over an alarming decline in the population of snow leopards in Pakistan, citing climate change and lack of eco-friendly tourism as the leading factors behind threats to the species. Wildlife ecology scholar Shoaib Hameed says that climate change was the biggest threat to survival of snow leopards and other rare […]

Gray Gorial in Margalla Hills National Park under Threat

The endangered gray gorial are at the risk of being hunted into extinction from Margalla Hills, said a senior wildlife official. Besides gray gorial, poachers are also extensively hunting barking deer and wild boars to make illegal profits, said Islamabad Wildlife Management Board (IWBM) Deputy Director Mumtaz Alam Khan. Margalla Hills National Park (MHNP) forming […]

The Black Bear in Sheikhupura Could Have Been Saved

A black bear succumbed to its wounds owing to the negligence of wildlife officials. It was attacked and wounded by hunting dogs in Sheikhupura. According to Syed Naeem Abbas, a local witness, the incident took place on Dec 24 near Eserke village in Sheikhupura where hunters from various cities had arrived to hunt wild boars […]

A Wild Bear Spotted in Chitta Batta Bugermung

A wildbear has been spotted in Chitta Batta Bugermung in Mansehra District in KP Province in late Dec 2018. The bear probably has come down in the populated areas due to cold weather in the mountains and in search of food. It is important that he should be rescued as quickly as possible before the […]

Free the Wild Meets Pakistani Officials to Get the Elephant Released

Representatives of an international organisation, Free the Wild, met with Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry and officers of relevant departments in Nov 2018 in Islamabad, saying that the INGO wants to help the government upgrade the Islamabad Zoo. Representatives of the organisation urged government officials to release the 33-year-old Asian elephant into an animal sanctuary. Chief […]