Summer for Animals in Lahore is Terrible

The animals at Lahore Zoo and Lahore Safari Park have a new best friend; one that takes the form of a block of ice. They cuddle with it, snuggle up to it and even sleep on it; all in the hope of getting some respite from the heat. The zoo administration has ensured that the […]

Expensive Selfie

The selfie was amazing; the tech savvy monkey a global photo-star. But lensman David Slater, whose camera was borrowed, agreed to donate 25 per cent of proceeds for protecting crested macaques in Indonesia when animal rights group Peta sued for a share on behalf of the monkey. Slater has now cruelly filed a counter-suit. We […]

Collector of Dead Animal Stuff

David Hu was changing his infant son’s diaper when he got the idea for a study that eventually won him the Ig Nobel prize. No, not the Nobel Prize — the Ig Nobel prize, which bills itself as a reward for “achievements that make people laugh, then think.” As male infants will do, his son […]

Abject State of Zoos in Pakistan

When animals fall victim to unwarranted human intervention and ineptitude, it gives pause for reflection. Almost every week in Pakistan brings to light some distressing cases. Recently, a snow leopard — listed as a ‘vulnerable’ species with a population of only around 200 in Pakistan — was found dead in its cage at Peshawar Zoo. […]

Dogs Can Detect Malaria. How Useful Is That?

Canine can sniff out the socks worn by children carrying the mosquito-borne parasites, a study finds. By Donald G. McNeil Jr. Nov. 5, 2018/ NYT Dogs have such exquisitely sensitive noses that they can detect bombs, drugs, citrus and other contraband in luggage or pockets. Is it possible that they can sniff out even malaria? And when might […]

Burying Alive Two Dogs & Their 14 Puppies

A Bangladeshi security guard was handed a jail sentence on May 10, 2018 in Dhaka for burying alive two dogs and their 14 puppies, in what activists hailed as the country’s first ever animal cruelty conviction. Mohammad Siddique, who buried the dogs in polythene sacks, “was sentenced to six months in jail and fined 200 […]

Marine Turtles under Threat in the Arabian Sea

by Zofeen T. Ebrahim Marine turtles, a resilient group of creatures that have been around for over 200 million years and survived mass extinction that wiped out the dinosaur, are today facing their gravest challenge yet. Nearly all species are classified as endangered – under threat from overfishing, pollution, habitat destruction and rising temperatures. Members […]

Yoga Instructor Loves Animals

Sana Raja is a yoga instructor at the women training centre of the Social Welfare Department. Her love for animals, however, led her to do a two-year veterinary course at the Pir Mehr Ali Shah-Arid Agriculture University. She now treats stray animals at her home and currently has some 70 stray cats and dogs in […]