2010 Floods Affected the Sindh Wildlife

Clip_74Many of the wildlife has been displaced from inside the reverine forests and game reserves throughout the Sindh province during the 2010 floods; there are also fears that a number of endangered species, especially hog deer might have been killed.

The natural instinct of survival forced wild boar, wild cat, jackal, reptiles and birds like partridge is to move to safety after the flooding of their habitats in katcha area. However, its death was inevitable, if not from natural calamity then from the human being itself.

Conservator, Wildlife Sindh, Hussain Bux Bhagat assented to reports of killing of wildlife including hog deer and other animals in different parts of the province.

Quite a big number of animals including hog deer, wild boar, jackal and wild cats were displaced besides many losing life due to heavy flow of flood, he said. Their loss, he said, was major as wildlife was equally affected.

The loss of partridge is being assumed at 20 to 30 per cent.

Clip_2The Indus Dolphin known as Blind Dolphin, an endangered species living in the Indus River was also badly affected due to floods. Their estimated population was around 1,200 in the Indus River.

These dolphins may have gone downstream Sukkur and other canals and would die once there was no water.

Some 25 per cent of Blind Dolphin living between Guddu and Sukkur Barrage may have been stranded.

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