Animals Have Rights, too.




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  1. Hey dear, good morning and have a nice day.
    1st of all i will appreciate your work that you are doing for animals.the great job.i have visited your site but i found nothinge except pictures .can i know animals rights in practical in pakistan?.if yes then i am thinking to make my own ngo in kpk for this purpose and i will need your support

  2. Hi I hope my pakistani brothers and.sisters are fyn there. Sir have seen many youtube videos on dog fight by the name of kutto ki ladai part ….which is too cruel and inhuman .in most of the country its banned sir pls try to ban this in also .I too own 2 dogs but we treat them like our child sir its my humble request to.shut down such bloody business .thank you t.c

  3. I don’t know what you people are doing I really want to contact the person who can do something or share some idea how one can bring change in thinking of our people to take care about the voice less creator of God

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