Punjab’s wildlife faces an increasing threat of extinction due to the incompetence of authorities.

Wildlife surveys have not been conducted for many years, and the results of past surveys are being kept secret.

This has resulted in a significant decline in the population of various species, including the Aryal in the Salt Range, which is now endangered. Other wild animals such as Para, partridge, pheasant, ducks (murgabo) are also being illegally hunted.

Community-based organizations (CBOs) are a successful model of wildlife protection and conservation globally, including Pakistan. However, only five CBOs were registered in Punjab, and the registration of two was not extended.

Instead, wildlife authorities have introduced a new model of Community Conservation Committees (CCC), which experts claim is not as effective as CBOs.

Wildlife officials argue that local people are being included in the CCC and will benefit from the department.

The wildlife sector in Punjab has been in dire straits for several years due to the lack of continuous policies and personal preferences of officers.