According to Rescue 1122 sources, Muhammad Sajid informed the emergency service that there were some snakes in the washroom of his house.

Responding to the call, a Rescue 1122 team reached the spot and inspected the washroom.

To the surprise of the Rescue staffers and the family, the number of snakes kept increasing during the operation that lasted for of about four hours. At the end of the exercise, the officials captured total 28 snakes.

An official said the size of the captured snakes ranges between two to five feet.

According to Sajid, the snakes might have entered the house through a washroom sewer that drained sewage into the canal.

He said as the canal was dry these days, the snakes might have entered the sewer and slithered to the toilet. He added that there was panic among other residents of the locality as most of the houses had similar sewers for drainage.