The management committee of Lahore Safari Zoo has decided to auction surplus lion and tiger cubs. The rules for the auction have been finalised. The auction will be held after the approval of senior officials.
At present, 30 different types of tigers and lions, including their cubs, are present in the Lahore Safari Zoo. The decision has been taken so that the number of rare animals can be augmented.

A Lahore Safari Zoo source said that at this time, the zoo does not have any space to keep more lions, tigers and cheetahs due to which further breeding of these animals has also been stopped.

The administration has decided to hold an auction for the surplus lion and tiger cubs. Buyers who have the necessary arrangements to bring up and take care of these animals will be able to bid.

Lahore Safari Zoo Deputy Director Chaudhry Shafqat Ali said following the directives of the zoo management committee, the auction rules have been prepared. At present, they have 30 lions and tigers and the annual cost of food and medicine is up to Rs 500,000 to Rs 600,000.

The market value of a six-month-old healthy lion cub is between Rs 400,000 to Rs 600,000. “With this move, not only will the Lahore Safari Zoo will get funds, but the breeding of these animals can continue in the private sector,” he said.

Earlier, public zoos used to exchange surplus animals with each other. This would be the first time that Lahore Safari Zoo would openly auction the animals.