by Jenny Holt 

The Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) has only one way of reducing the number of stray dogs on the streets: poison capsules. Whenever there is an increase in dog-related hospital cases, the KMC fills trash cans with poison capsules so that strays will eat them. 50 of these capsules are dispatched at each waste site, hidden in meat and other foods to attract the dogs. The dogs’ bodies litter the streets after each incident, and municipal workers gather them for disposal.

These poisons are deadly and a huge animal rights violation. However, the poison capsules aren’t just dispatched by the KMC. Sometimes your homes can be filled with these poisons, and you don’t even know it. Check out these common household items that are deadly to your dog.


Found in many household cleaners such as disinfectants and toilet bowl cleaners, chlorine is one of the most common household toxins that make your dog sick. It is incredibly dangerous because it leaves vapors behind whenever it is used. These vapors can irritate your dog’s skin and eyes and cause reactions such as dizziness or laryngeal ederma. Be sure that these products are safely sealed and contained far away from your dog’s reach. You should also be cautious about letting your dog swim in pools as well to avoid chlorine exposure.


Although it definitely doesn’t smell like food to the human nose, fertilizers can be attractive to a dog’s nose. This is particularly bad because fertilizers are packed with chemicals such as phosphorus, nitrogen, potassium, iron, and zinc which can be poisonous to your pooch. To keep your dog safe, use organic fertilizers made from vegetable or meat compost.


Antidepressants account for some of the highest numbers of calls to veterinarians . When eaten, these drugs can cause neurological problems in dogs such as sedation, incoordination, agitation, tremors, and seizures. You should be sure to keep all medication out of reach from any curious puppies.


Although plants can make our air cleaner and our homes more comfortable, some of them can be highly toxic to our dogs. These plants include azaleas, lilies, daffodils, oleander, tulips, and poinsettias. If eaten, they can cause a whole range of health problems such as nausea, kidney failure, heart issues, and even death.

Although we need to stop the KMC from poisoning stray dogs on the streets, we also need to protect our dogs in our homes. If you suspect your dog has been poisoned by any of these toxins, call your local veterinarian as soon as possible. You and your love can make a difference in a dog’s life.