Clip_80We all should visit the zoos, and highlight the plight of animals there in order to get the living conditions of these animals improved.

As a long term measure, awareness about animal rights can be raised in the general public; and children must be educated about these rights by including the subject in the syllabus at all levels.

The law enforcement officials need to be made aware about animal rights, and should be trained to prevent animal cubs from being poached, and from being captured.

Proper national parks should be setup where suitable lifetime care is provided for keeping all kinds of animals.

The confiscated animals can be rehabilitated, and subsequently released either in the wild, which is not easy to find in the country due to depleted forests, and booming population, or alternatively in these national parks.

Shelters for the stray animals can easily be established in all towns and cities with little cost. Edhi has a few such shelters, with two major ones on the Super Highway from Karachi to Hyderabad. The local governments should take the initiative in this regard, and at least provide land, if nothing else, to the interested parties.